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Hotel Alsace
Hotel Alsace
Hotel AlsaceHotel Spa AlsaceHotel Restaurant AlsaceHostelerie des chateauxHotel Luxe Alsace


A mixture of tradition and modernity, a love of Alsace and the pleasure of entertaining…
by Sabine & Ernest Schaetzel…
In 1970 this former mansion with its 17th century architecture offered six bed and breakfast rooms; it was their parents' house. Then one day, it became theirs.
He reinvented the dishes, dug out the forgotten recipes, extolled the traditions … and she shaped a cosy interior with a mellow decoration that brings back to life an ideal Alsace.
Everything began in 1978 for this couple of food-lovers with a passionate interest in architecture, and sometimes a touch of "madness" … The building was renovated to become a 2-star hotel with 7 bedrooms and a restaurant.
The Hostellerie des Châteaux & Spa has become over the years a 4-star hotel with 67 bedrooms and suites, with a very wide range of leisure and business facilities, where there reigns an atmosphere of luxury and simplicity.
Here, well-being is expressed in every language.

Today praise, the stars that hang on their door, friends and customers, people from every country…
They all talk only of happiness!

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Hostellerie des Châteaux & Spa **** - - Sabine et Ernest Schaetzel, Aurélie et Guillaume - 11, rue des Châteaux - F-67530 OTTROTT ALSACE
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